• Meal Preparation

    Assistance with preparing meals, nutrition and hydration.

  • Staying fit & Active

    Like day to day activities may include things like going to a gym, swim,even joining a sports team or working with a personal trainer.

  • Social & Community Access

    Assistance to get to an appointment, a day out at the beach or going to an art class. We can support you to be independent and reach your social and community goals.

  • Personal Care & Hygiene

    Bathing,toileting,dressing,grooming,continence management and assistance with moving around in your own home.

  • Shopping

    Shopping as per client’s shopping list or accompany shopping with clients.

  • Gardening

    Keeping the garden beautiful with services on a regular or as needed basis.

  • 24 Hours Care

    24 hours caring services per client’s needs.

  • Community Nurse Care

    Medication assistance, wound care, health assessment, palliative care, and tube feeding.


    We provide respite, group living, STA, MTA and SIL

  • Companionship

    Support you as a “professional friend” by your side when attending activities and events.

  • Building Life Skill

    Increase your capacity to manage daily activities and be more independent. Like paying bills, using a computer, learning to budget or public transport with your own travel.

  • Medication Assistance

    Ensuring the correct medication is taken at the right times.

  • Transport

    Arrange transport for clients.

  • Cleaning and Housekeeping

    Clean and keep your home in tip-top condition, Wahsing Windows,clearing the gutters, washing, iron and putting away clothing and other services as needed to maintain your home environment and ensure you can live safely and well in your own home.

We are open from Monday to Friday 9:30am-5:30pm for office.
Service available 24 hours 7 days including public holidays.